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A Second Filler Post

The drive from Redding, California, over the mountains and down into the valley with Portland, Salen, Eugene Oregon was fine. But from there it got sort of tricky. Hitting with 70 mph winds tonight here on the coast and nasty rain. I came in over the coast range through it.

Tiring drive. White snow along the road, heavy fog, hard rain, and wind. Places I couldn’t see anything, let alone the road. Not fun.

But I made it.

So I managed to get the workshop assignments done tonight and will be back at everything full tomorrow and will do a wrap-up on the travel book here.

But tonight the power is flickering, the wind is rocking the house, and I figure it’s better to sleep through the power being out.

I am home fine. Great trip. Wrote a novel and a nonfiction writing book and played poker and spent a ton of time visiting with friends and playing some blackjack and eating too much.

Better stop typing while I still have power. Night.


  • Gnondpom

    Glad to read that you’ve made it home safe and sound. Now I’m looking forward to reading the end of your nonfiction book.

    Thanks for sharing this amazing challenge, and congratulations on nailing it, once again!

  • Kate Pavelle

    Welcome home, Dean! I’m glad you had fun and the trip was a success. I caught up on your posts all at once, and occurred to me that you’re a performance artist of sorts. Plus, all those deadline – focus – travel bits you shared are super useful.
    About shoulders and writing being physical, yeah. I’ve developed a little stretch routine I do every morning, which hits all the sore spots. Also, I’m learning to Dragon Dictate, which is fun because I can move around on a 6-foot leash while storytelling. It really helps not to sit all day long, and the focus is still there. (Theoretically I could sync my phone to the computer and walk around the house, but I need to watch to screen to do corrections right away or else it will be too messy.)