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A Reminder About the August Regular Workshops…

There Are Now 9 Regular Workshops…

I wanted to repeat this post from a week ago for two reasons. I wanted to make sure everyone saw the regular workshops. And secondly, it is almost 3am and I am too tired to write something new. So here is the post about the regular workshops again. Very, very few are signed up for any of them.


Not only are we keeping the normal regular workshops, but because of the new world going on with Indie Publishing, we are bringing back THE MAGIC BAKERY six week workshop. Critical to understanding how this new world and copyright is working for indie writers.

We will be adding in new videos in THE MAGIC BAKERY throughout the six weeks.

(Lifetime Workshop Subscribers, the new classes are already in your subscription.)

Plus because we wanted to round out the offerings in the Depth series, we have brought back to regular status PLOTTING WITH DEPTH. It will also have new videos as we think they are needed.

And we are starting a brand new workshop in the depth series called DEPTH IN ACTION. Basically how do you use depth when writing action scenes, how much, how little, and when, to make sure readers know what is happening and stay with your story.

WARNING: You must have taken both the DEPTH IN WRITING and the ADVANCED DEPTH workshops before you can take any of the other three Depth classes. Critical, otherwise they will make no sense.

Here is the full list of August Regular Workshops:

Class #12… Aug 8th … Magic Bakery
Class #13… Aug 8th … Writing into the Dark
Class #15… Aug 8th … Teams in Fiction
Class #16… Aug 9th … Depth in Writing
Class #17… Aug 9th … Plotting with Depth
Class #18… Aug 9th … Depth in Action
Class #19… Aug 9th … Applied Depth
Class #20… Aug 9th… Killing Critical Voice
Class #22… Aug 9th … Advanced Depth

Note: The workshops are starting on August 8th and 9th.

Lifetime Workshop subscribers, this first month you do not have to tell me you are taking Depth in Action. Just take it if you want in your subscription. Any of the other classes, as normal, if you want to take the class and get feedback, write me and I will send you the code to get in.

All of these are on WMG Teachable.

Also a hint.  On the Pulphouse Fiction Magazine 2023 Subscription Drive, you can get either three regular workshop credits (to be used at any time) for half price, or a Lifetime Workshop Subscription for half price, both to support the subscription drive. And yes, you would be able to use them for these August workshops. The credits do not expire.

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  • T Thorn Coyle

    I’m really looking forward to the updated Magic Bakery! And I plan to cycle through some of the new Depth classes once I’m through with Bite Sized Copyright and Decade Ahead.

    I said this in a comment last time, but wanted to repeat it:

    I want to give a shout out to the Teams in Fiction class! I took it years ago and it was very helpful. All my novel series use teams now, even when there’s only one main POV character. That class seeped into my subconscious and I use it all the time.