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A Gift Of Books

Ten Different Holiday Books to Be Exact…

Too late now to not spend a fortune ordering a gift online and having it arrive on time. Forgot someone or have a friend you know is a reader and just want to surprise them and not spend a lot? Give them the gift of a bundle full of great holiday books to read. Novels, short novels, and a ton of short stories. Plus a classic book full of the traditional L. Frank Baum stories.

The Good Cheer Holiday StoryBundle if full great reading by great authors. And you can get the entire thing for as little as $15. And no shipping.

And it is scary easy to give as a gift. There is just a check box that asks, “Is this a Gift?”  You check that and pay at least $15 for all ten books. You tell them who to send it to and you can pay with either Paypal, ApplePay, or a Credit Card. And don’t forget to add a little something for our designated charity for this bundle,

Just a few clicks and you can give the gift of ten books to a friend or family member. Simple and good on the wallet.

And you can gift it to a number of friends and family members, then read the books together for some great discussions over the internet. (Not in person, stay home this year remember?)

So let your fingers do the shopping of some wonderful holiday cheer.