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A Fun Interview

I Got Interviewed about Writing a Novel in Ten Days…

That book is part of a great writing bundle at the moment, so Jamie Ferguson (who has a book in the bundle as well) interviewed me and it came out pretty nifty. Thanks, Jamie.

She even put the covers of all twelve of my Thunder Mountain novels in there. I honestly, until that point, had never seen them all together or even realized there were twelve of them. I just write them, I don’t count them. (grin) But they look pretty darned cool.

You can find the interview at:

Posted by Blackbird Publishing on Thursday, October 11, 2018

Or if you are not on Facebook, you can get it here:

And you can get the great bundle at:

And one day left in the Dark Fantasy bundle that is there as well that I have a novel in. It’s a good one. Don’t miss it.


  • Joseph Bradshire

    Lol Dean, I told a friend about that 10 Day Novel you did awhile back and they didn’t believe. So I told them about that book you did in Vegas in like, what, 6 days? A week? While playing poker and kicking it with friends. Hahah.