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A Day In The Life…

A Challenge Day…

People ask me at times to detail out my days, so figured I could do it quickly tonight. I won’t do this every night because I would bore myself to tears, but this is what I did today.

Rolled out around 11 am after going to bed at 3:30 am. Thankfully the construction in the condo beside us was light and let me sleep.

Working on changing my eating habits to more healthy food, so actually made myself a couple waffles this morning instead of my normal breakfast bar (that is awful) and tomorrow I will switch to oatmeal and almond milk for breakfast with a little fruit. No sugars other than a little natural in the fruit and almost milk.

Then since Kris was reading downstairs, I went to my office and recorded about ten videos, mostly misc. stuff to launch classes. (All the master class basics will be up tomorrow.)

Then Kris and I headed off for a long walk to a restaurant we eat at every Friday. Good food, good exercise.

Got back around 3 pm, did a little email and then headed out for the storage unit about 4 pm. Actually, it is a storage unit that in three loads I will be done with. We have two other units side-by-side that I will be working in a lot coming up. But first got to get the rogue storage unit cleared out. So filled up the car and then went to my favorite grocery store and got groceries and got home around 6:30 pm. (I did not unload the car in the other storage unit. That would have taken another hour, so that’s tomorrow.)

I cooked dinner and we watched the news and and I got back to my office around 9 pm to do more email and other stuff. Then down to watch television with Kris until 11 pm.

12:10 am after more computer work at this computer, I got to my writing computer. A title on my title sheet caught me that reminded me I had wanted to do a sequel story for the Thunder Mountain short story I wrote a week or so ago called “Lost Canyon.”

So I plugged in the title “Lost Canyon Cave” and off I went.

Took me just over two hours, with a short break, to write the 2,500 word story. I love playing with time travel stuff. And this story has an echo to the Green Valley short novel coming out in Smith’s Monthly this month.

So now it is 3 am and I am going to go watch a little television to shut off my mind and go to sleep.

Stay safe out there.


  • Vincent Zandri

    Very interesting Dean. For me, I roll out of bed, grab a coffee and start writing. By ten am I’ve put in a couple hours and then I work out for two hours, then lunch at the Writing desk. Anything can happen in the afternoons. Nights are for playtime.

  • Wilson E. Clark


    Thank you for sharing your daily activities! With a day job and six year old son around, I’ve carved out a writing time after I get home from work but before I pick my son up from afterschool care. The other time is Saturday morning. I tend to get up earlier than my wife and son and use that time to write. Nothing like sitting in front a word processor with a cup of coffee and a banana to get my weekend going!

    Thanks again for sharing and its a pleasure as always following your challenges!