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A Cover For A Book…

And This Cover Has A History…

When I get started writing a book, after I get going, I tell Allyson what it will be, the title, and she does me a cover way before I am done. I love having the image to see the book as I write.

And sometimes my creative voice puts the cover image into a scene as well. That is always fun. Doesn’t always happen, but fun when it does.

So I had started a Cold Poker Gang novel called Side Pot and Allyson did a cover for it with this great art. I loved it, got stalled on the book and moved on. (You know, the schedule stuff this fall.)

So now that Heads Up: A Cold Poker Gang Novel is going strong and I am past 11,000 words and gaining speed and getting set in my new schedule, I was talking with Allyson today and asked her if she still had that art work.

She did and by the time I got off the phone with her, she had sent me the cover with the new title on it. Yup, she is that good (she did it while we were talking) and I flat love this cover. (see below)

You want to see a nifty very short trailer for the Cold Poker Gang, try this:

And if you want to see all the covers for the Cold Poker Gang, click here.

So the book when I finish it will be in Issue #46 of the Smith’s Monthly restart. The art will be the cover of #46.

Issue #45 the month ahead will have the Thunder Mountain novella I wrote in it and the art for the cover.

So here are both books. Don’t bother looking for them to buy. Not out until after they come out in Smith’s Monthly first. Patreon folks, you will get both issues as soon as they are done.

Nifty covers, huh?