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A Bunch of Stuff Again…

Call This A Rapid-Fire Round-Up…

— The Emotions Workshop will be added into April Regular Workshop list. I will have the list available for sign-ups by Saturday. Don’t try to sign up yet.

— All the Stretch Goal letters have been sent out for the Make 100 Paperbacks Kickstarter and I also did a Kickstarter update to just the backers with the same letter for the stretch goals to make sure no one got missed.

— I have my new computer, new Adobe Suite, and will be starting on actual books in the Make 100 this weekend (assuming I don’t blow a brain fuse learning a new version of inDesign.)

— Still a few days to sign up for the March regular workshops. They will vanish when the April workshops appear.

— Yes, I got words done this morning, even though I got a late start and spent time in a meeting on the phone while in the restaurant. But book is still going along fine. Not a clue where it is going, but it is going. And writing schedule working fine.

— Mystery Vegas Workshop, Romance Vegas Workshop, and Science Fiction Vegas workshop are all now full. Taking waiting list sign-ups on the last two is all.

— Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta have confirmed they will be at the Master Class in October here. And Chuck Heintzelman of Bundle Rabbit will also be a guest instructor. More instructors to be announced over the next month or so. To see the full list go to 

— Anthology Workshop next Feb/Mar (which actually starts in late November) is filling fast, as is the Master Class in October.

— If you have missed Kris’s latest blogs about writing with chronic illness, you need to go back and read them. They will help your writing even if you aren’t sick.

— And I am staying above 10,000 steps a day. Still a ways to go on the weight, but I think I might be down enough in the middle of April to try a half marathon again. Walk/run again. It will be in the middle of the mystery workshop here, so writers will be able to laugh at me when I return.

— Got a question how I am losing weight while eating in a buffet every day. Easy. I had 1/4 of a banana before I left, walked over one mile to the buffet, had in two helpings about 3 oz of pot roast (250 cal), two small pieces of cornbread (95 cal), a small spinach salad with vinegar and oil dressing (20 cal max), a small serving of baked chicken breast (50 cal) and part of a small piece of cherry pie (150 cal). Under 600 calories spread over breakfast and lunch time for me. Tonight for dinner I had a bowl of chicken Tom Yum Soup (less than 200 calories) and a snack of a serving of chips later (150 cal).

So about 1,000 calories for the day, a light day for me. I tend (when watching weight) to run around 1,300 to 1,500 cal. With 10,000 steps at my weight, I burn around 3,000 calories per day, usually a little more if I run. And thus that is how I am dropping about 2 pounds a week and eating what I want. I also drink a lot of water.

Now off to sleep so I can get my words done tomorrow morning in the buffet. (And how weird does that still sound?)