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2021… Oh, My….

Yes, Just Turned 2020… I Know…

But when planning both publishing goals and Las Vegas workshops, you just have to bring in the scary 2021 number.

No clue why that number has been scary for me, but to be honest, I flat refused to even think about it until we got into 2020. But now, seven days into this new year, I am starting to be reminded that I must think of 2021 for scheduling.

Well, damn.

In 2020, we have three Las Vegas writing craft workshops scheduled. Science Fiction craft this month, Short Story writing craft in April, and Fantasy craft in September. (Last two have a spot or two open, and that’s it for the entire year.)

The anthology workshop (which is in February) is well into the writing process for those attending and has been full and closed since last fall. And the last Business Master Class is full and has just started a waiting list for October.

And nothing has been scheduled beyond that, even though all of us need to work out a year or more, sometimes, on big trips like taking a five day workshop here in Vegas.

So now that I am over my fear of the science fiction number 2021, thanks to doing some publishing and writing planning, Kris and I have been talking about the Vegas Workshops.

So sometime soon we will come up with what we want to teach, then get it cleared with Allyson at WMG Publishing, and then I will announce the schedule here.

Stay tuned. Going to be fun, and if this year is any indication, the workshops will fill up quickly.

In the meantime, we have lots and lots of things we are doing on Teachable, including three challenges and The Decade Ahead Class that will cover all of 2020. Check it out. (Hit see all courses when you go there.)