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2 Days Left on the Workshop Holiday Sale…

No Pop-Up Curriculum…

Going to have to be later in the month. I really want to get those 54 different topics in order here at the end of the year. I thought that using this sale as an excuse to remember to do it. (grin) But nope. Just too many things swallowed the last few days. But shortly because I have about eight more Pop-ups to load. Some will be attached to the Master Business Class. So I will get it done.

As far as the sale goes, remember the code is HolidaySale to get 50% off any workshop or challenge or lecture or Pop-Up.

We are calling it the HolidaySale (code is all one word) because it started on American Thanksgiving, went over Black Friday, then through Small Business Saturday, and then past Cyber Monday to end on Thursday, December 2nd. 2 days left.

This is all on Teachable.

And you can get credit for future workshops as well in the buy-three program.

All of the December and January regular workshops are up and available, and we have up at least 54 Pop-Up classes which is why I haven’t got to them in the curriculum yet. That’s a lot.

The challenges of doing a short story per week, a novel every two months, or publishing a major project every month are available in this as well. You can start them at any time.

Also the best deals are the lifetime workshops. Six new Study Along workshops coming this next year on that lifetime, plus the absolute best deal is the workshop lifetime subscription when you can get it at half price.

So just find whatever class you would like, hit purchase, and then put in the code HolidaySale on the top of the next page to get 50% off the price. Make sure you hit “apply” after putting in the code.

Again, This is on Teachable.

Any problems or questions, feel free to write me directly.