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10 New Pop-Up Classes Now Up

Science Fiction World Building Pop-Ups…

Yes, these are the ten Pop-Up writing classes that tomorrow (Friday) will be going out to everyone who backed the RESCUE TWO Kickstarter Campaign.

If you don’t get the letter with how to get into all of them by Monday and have checked your spam filter and the email that you used for Kickstarter, then contact Josh at WMG at

But they are also for sale for anyone who missed them and will be added to the Lifetime Pop-Up Subscription as well. (Yes, you can buy a Lifetime Subscription to all 79 of them, with more coming shortly.

They are on Teachable.

Here is the list of them now available.

— World Building Inside Our Solar System

— World Building Inside Our Local Galaxy Sector (Like Star Trek)

— World Building Inside Our Full Galaxy

— World Building On A Colony Planet

— World Building In Near Future Science Fiction

— World Building In Far Future Science Fiction

— World Building In Historical Science Fiction

— World Building In Alternate Worlds Science Fiction

— World Building Inside Spaceships

— World Building Inside Generation Ships


  • Deb

    The science fiction pop-ups look great! It’s so generous of you to make these stretch rewards for the kickstarters. BTW, any outlook on when the last mystery popup will be available? I’m looking forward to that one as well.

    • dwsmith

      That one wasn’t part of the ones in the Kickstarter, so just haven’t done it yet to put it up for sale.


    • dwsmith

      I wrote a lot of Star Trek. Watch the new Strange New Worlds. That is my kind of Trek.

      • Nathan Haines

        That first episode of Strange New Worlds is just really promising, isn’t it?

        Picard and Discovery are entertaining, but not what I’m looking for in Star Trek. SNW is just what I wanted, so I’m happy. (Oddly enough, Lower Decks was my favorite new Star Trek show, and I would have never guessed that before it aired. I expected it to be something to put on in the background while I was cleaning or something.)