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Writing in Public: Month 8 Summary

Month #8 Summary of this Writing in Public challenge.

March 2014

This was basically a month of recovery from a long winter and a slow start at ramping back up. Not a fantastic month, but sure a lot better than I had during the winter. Wow.

Today I got four of my novels author copies for my shelf. All four novels came out in the first three months of this year. Images at the top of the page, available in just about any store.

And I got a proof to look over for yet another novel, plus a nonfiction book.

And Smith’s Monthly #6 is out in electronic and the paper copies will be hitting mailboxes any moment. Late mailing on them due to my delay, but they still went out in March, only about a week later than normal.

So all good there.

And we finished the first year of Fiction River as well. And the second year is coming along great. You are missing some great fiction by a lot of great writers if you aren’t reading Fiction River.

So all good there as well. Just moving forward.

The online workshops are doing fine. It might seem they take a lot of my time, but they honestly don’t because they just don’t fill up most of the time. In fact, April workshops are starting in a week and they are far from full. Lots of room. Besides, I really like doing them. You guys are keeping me on my toes and learning. The new Depth workshop has been a blast and working with Kris on the Originality workshop that starts in April is fun and will continue to be.

And doing a lecture or so each month is fun as well. This one for March (#19) was fun to actually look at some data from various sources. Eight basic reasons why some books sell better than others. A lot more small ones I don’t talk about, but eight basic reasons.

So I’m still learning a ton and the online workshops and lectures are not really getting in the way of my writing. I just need to bring the writing up a focus point more in April. I brought it up one focus point this month.

As before, on this report and during the month, I only reported new words on everything.

My responses to questions on my blogs and to questions in the workshop web sites I don’t count. I might count them for one month at some point this spring just to see the amount of words involved over a year.

I had a total new words written of 126,050 words, of which 70,250 words of that was new fiction.

New Month

For April, just as I did with the eight months before (that’s a mind-blowing number I don’t really want to think about), I’m going to start the counting over. And I’ll start the project list of completed projects for the month over as well. Up under the Writing in Public tab at the top I will put the completed projects per month and links to the first and last posts of the month and to this summary post, so anyone can go back and look.

If you have the time, the comments on a bunch of the posts have been great questions and worth the read. Thanks everyone, for the great comments and questions. Please don’t be afraid to comment if something strikes you.

And each monthly summary post I’ll update the full year’s projects on that post as well as I am doing below.

Stay tuned.  Here we go with month nine. (Yeah, believe it or not, I’m still going. (grin))

Monthly Totals

August: 78,900 words
September: 81,200 words
October: 86,200 words
November: 56,800 words
December: 52,000 words
January: 34,150 words
February: 35,450 words
March: 70,250 words

August: 1,000 words
September: 2,900 words
October: 2,000 words
November: 1,950 words
December: 1,700 words
January: 1,400 words
February: 6,550 words
March: 7,800 words

Blog Posts: 
August: 21,300 words
September: 16,600 words
October: 15,150 words
November: 12,550 words
December: 17,300 words
January: 11,450 words
February: 10,000 words
March: 14,800 words

August: 809 e-mails. Approx. 23,050 words
September: 861 e-mails. Approx. 24,600 words
October: 647 e-mails. Approx. 24,450 words
November: 622 e-mails. Approx. 24,250 words
December: 621 e-mails. Approx. 29,700 words
January: 802 e-mails. Approx. 19,200 words
February: 759 e-mails. Approx. 21,250 words
March: 980 e-mails. Approx. 33,200 words


AUGUST… 124,250 Words

SEPTEMBER… 125,300 Words

OCTOBER… 127,800 Words

NOVEMBER… 95,550 Words

DECEMBER… 100,700 Words

JANUARY… 66,200 Words

FEBRUARY… 73,250 Words

MARCH… 126,050 Words


Stories and Projects Finished In March

In order of production with the most recent at the top.

— Finished novel The Life of a Dream. It will be in Smith’s Monthly #8 in May and in July in stand-alone form. About 40,000 words.

— Finished laying out and sent to the printer Smith’s Monthly #6.  Out near the end of March.

—Finished the story “The Atlantis Fifty: A Poker Boy story” for Fiction River: Universe Between. 12,500 words.

—Finished the first chapter of Killing the Top Ten Sacred Cows of Indie Publishing and put it up. about 4,300 words. It will be out in the summer of 2014 in book form.

—Finished putting together Smith’s Monthly #7. Turned in.

—Finished editing and putting together Fiction River: Universe Between. Turned in.

—Finished the introduction to Fiction River: Universe Between.

—Finished the introduction to Smith’s Monthly #7. It will appear in Smith’s Monthly #7 in April.

—Finished The Slots of Saturn: A Poker Boy novel. It will appear in Smith’s Monthly #7 in April and in June in book form. 58,000 words.