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Wow, Am I Behind

With Just About Everything…

But I am now back and focused. However, I did spend the day doing a lot of recovery from the run yesterday. Two naps, some groaning while standing up, no real walking any distance. I walked/ran 17.4 miles yesterday by my Fitbit calculations. Upped my weekly average some. (grin)

So those of you who have stories in that I have not read, expect them to come pouring your way this week. And through the weekend. I can only read so much at one sitting on a computer because of my eye.

And I will be also getting the December workshops up and available. And the code for the How to Write a Holiday Story workshop (From the Holiday Kickstarter…it will not be available to sign up for). I will send the code to everyone for both the December and January courses. I will announce that here when they are ready.

And those in the anthology workshop, get ready. Writing starts on Sunday evening. First assignment will go out over the group list. Write me if you are not on the group list.

So if I am behind on something to you, please forgive me and give me the week to get my act back on top of this pile. Actually looking forward to the reading. But there is a lot of it.



  • Bonnie

    I have been beginning to worry that this pile of stories was getting so high you were never going to dig out of it. Have fun and hope it’s enjoyable

  • Kate Pavelle

    I’m taking the stories and putting them into collections and anthologies. Also, a quarterly magazine is in order… because why not? I need to warehouse some of my oddball stories that seem to have no other home. I send only some to paying markets because the way they have stockpiled, the idea of keeping track of all that, along with the magazines’ slow turn-around, is really daunting. And since I don’t plan to stop writing short stories, I need to clear my desk, so to speak. But enjoy them, there’s no hurry.