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Workshop Offer Still Available

At least for four more days…

I wanted to repeat this here to make sure everyone has a chance at this if you want workshops coming up.

For exactly one week, until November 16th, you can get two regular workshops and two classic workshops for the price of $500.

That is exactly the same as it was offered in the Pulphouse Kickstarter.

A fun thing this year… If you would like, you can have us print up a nice-looking gift certificate and put it into a nice envelope, with someone’s name on the certificate, and send it to you to give as a gift for another writer for the holiday.

Or you can just buy it and use it for yourself. We honestly don’t care. (If you use it for yourself, we don’t have to print up the certificates unless you really want us to. (grin))

Just as with the Pulphouse Kickstarter workshop credits, these workshop credits can be used at any point into the future starting with the December workshops. For any workshop, even the new ones. No limit. At your own pace.

So here is the offer broken down.

— Two Regular 6-week workshops. Value of $300 each or $600 total.

— Two Classic workshops. Value of $150 each or $300 total.

You get the $900 in workshops for $500.

To sign up, contact me at dean.wmgworkshops@gmail.com. To let me know you want a workshop offer. You do not have to pick the workshops at this point. Then simply pay for them through Paypal or set up a payment arrangement with me another way.

You can get more than one workshop gift (4 workshops) if you like. We have a few people getting three or four groups of workshops to set themselves up for workshops in the coming year.

Remember…  This offer ends November 16th.

Workshop information here.

And if you want to see what the workshops on Teachable look like, go here.

And feel free to pass this on to anyone you might think will be interested…