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Very Short Post Tonight

Back in Vegas

I am writing this from our breakfast nook overlooking Las Vegas. I spent the day first working at WMG offices on the coast, then heading for the airport in Portland and a flight down here.

In the airport and on the plane I finished a story that will also be novel start. Called “Two-Handed Stand” and will be in my Seeders Universe. 2,150 words.

More on the day tomorrow, but got a story done while traveling. Great fun. Never did that before.

Now I am calling it a night because I am going to get up early with Kris tomorrow and while she is exercising I will sit in a restaurant and start another story. Got 12 left to do you know… (Grin)


  • Maree Brittenford

    writing while traveling is the best. There’s so much dead time, and there’s a peacefulness that I remember from when I was a kid, that there’s literally nothing else more ‘productive’ I can be doing with my time. (flash back to me as a kid being constantly scolded for wasting so much time reading). And there’s all the empty hours stretching out in front of you, which is a very relaxing writing head space for me. Plus so much people watching potential, some of them end up in the story as characters!

  • Scott Gordon

    What a strange day, indeed.

    I split my words between two stories today, neither one of them completed.

    After reading a hilarious article about how pizza artists could be thrown in jail by adding too much cheese or other toppings, I decided that I had to write a story about it. So Secret Agent Disco Dancer: Did Somebody Say Pizza was born. I wrote 3,033 words and created a cover for it until my wee brain decided, “No more!”

    I tried to get back into it, but it just wasn’t happening, so I switched gears and started another story that I felt I owed to my readership, Bug: The Journey Home. With a clean slate, I was able to bust out another 1,216 words, giving me 4,249 for the day.

    Without the challenge, I would have called it a day with the work done on Did Somebody Say Pizza? I’m glad I didn’t settle for less, but having two new story starts is an odd measure of success.