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Vegas Workshops Postponed

I Had Planned to Write Today…

Until all the work Allyson had been doing with the Golden Nugget for the Business Master Class finally got settled and signed.

So as of right now, the last Business Master Class is scheduled for…

October 11-14, 2021.

That’s right, it is pushed back one year from this October and is now held from Monday through Thursday with cheaper room rates.

So instead of writing, I spent the afternoon and part of the evening writing letters to everyone signed up, over sixty people. Basically, the workshop is just postponed.

If you think you were signed up and didn’t get a letter from me, write me.

Our reason for doing this and changing a major contract with the Golden Nugget is, of course, the plague. Vegas should be back up and running at partial speed by the fall, but not so sure consumer confidence will be.

And all the science is saying we might have another wave of this stuff in the fall combined with the flu. We just saw no reason to fight all that. Better to be safe than sorry. All of our healths are far more important.

Plus, in one year from October, we will have a great idea how this business will shake out, who the winners and the losers in publishing will be, and be able to have a really, really great Business Master Class to help us all at that point into a new future. So honestly, the timing is a ton better as well for learning.

Plus we will have a much better grasp of the major licensing aspects by then and audio advances will be another year down the road. All great!!

And yes, still a few spots open if you want to sign up for 2021.


The Vegas Craft Fantasy Workshop in September has been postponed and will be held in September online, just as we did the Short Story Workshop we just finished. Both craft workshops are just postponed and will be pushed back until 2021 or 2022. Not cancelled, just pushed back, so if you were signed up for it, you still are, no worries. I will contact each of you who are signed up when we set new dates.

So for now, the next Vegas Workshop we will do here in Vegas is the a craft workshop in January and the Anthology Workshop a month or so later. We expect a full schedule from there, maybe even adding a few extra things.

And as of this next month, we also have a new place for the Craft workshops. WMG is finally getting a Vegas Office and it is big enough (and really nice) to hold the craft workshops. Away from the casinos and easy walking distance from a bunch of hotels and great restaurants. So starting in 2021 the craft workshops will be much, much nicer. No casino.

I got letters back from some of you saying you were disappointed, but relieved. Yeah, us too.

Thank you, Allyson, for doing all the really hard work negotiating this with the Golden Nugget. And getting room rates for everyone down to $59 for every night.


That’s right, we have just six days left on the Writing Bundles Kickstarter Campaign and we are headed for the third stretch goal.

Writing books for an amazing price, and a special workshop on learning how to write Creative Nonfiction that will only be offered through the Kickstarter.

Plus some great deals on workshops and lectures.

So grab some workshops at a reduced rate or some writing books in bundles. We still have a month or so to go on this lock-down so you might as well be learning.

Check it out at Writing Bundles. Only 6 Days Left!

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  • J.A. Marlow

    I was wondering what would happen to the Master Class with the fall outbreak forecasted. I’m going to miss it, but yes, our health is more important. Moving it to more economical days is a big bonus! Thank you Allyson!