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UpDates On Stuff…

A Bunch of Projects and Such Updates…

Starting off with my reading for Pulphouse. I am solidly into October and November (doing both alternating nights) and so my hoped-for plan to finish by the end of the month is on track. Yay. Sure sorry for the long delay on those stories, but finding some good ones.

And yes, my shoulder is slowly getting better each week, with PT beating on me twice a week in a good way. Still limited on my typing time, so fiction writing still slower than I want. But those of you in the challenges might want to build up some distance ahead of me as I return to speed this spring. (grin)

Fantasy Detective In Person Class for May is cancelled due to hotel issues and also not enough people signed up. Kris wants to do it next year, so we will announce that when it is ready.

The Anthology workshop still has. few spots open for August 5th to 8th. Write me if interested.

Since on our store and other places it still says we are having a Teachable workshop sale even though it ended a week or so back, you can look back to blogs a few weeks back to get the code word and use that code for the next few days to get things half-priced.

Down in the Details classes are being recorded and posted slowly. I hope when the reading is caught up, to really get those done quickly. (Amazing how far behind a person can get with a surgery and injury. New to me, so I am surprised.)

I hope to do the Kickstarter listings some of you have sent in for your campaigns tomorrow.

And I hope to have my new business computer set up this weekend, if for nothing else to get the boxes out of my office.