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Update to Award On the Full Challenge

Got Some Questions About the Awards…

On the full challenge, if you get past whatever I write or anywhere near a million words in the nine months (no matter how much I write if I write more than a million), then you get your choice of a Lifetime Subscription.

But if the Lifetime Subscription doesn’t interest you, or you already have it, you could get something like a full year of the Advanced Craft Classes (going to be doing six more in 2024.) Or one of the year-long subscriptions that has a price about the same as a lifetime subscription. (We will do another of those in 2024 as well plus more collection classes.)

So not limited to the Lifetime Subscription if you either beat me or get close to a million words in the coming nine months. You do that, we will work something out to make it worth your while, I promise.

All the information about the two challenges is in the blog before this one. Sign up on Teachable.



  • Dave Strand

    I successfully completed The Great Challenge in 2021. Since then, unfortunately, life’s been too crazy to take more classes, but I have to say, just proving to myself that I could accomplish something like that was huge. It meant that I never have to even think about whether I can come up with something. There’s no such thing as writer’s block. When in doubt, just write the next word (where have I heard something like that before?).
    Not all the stories are spectacular, some are spectacularly bad, but a few turned out to be quite good, and I wouldn’t have any if I hadn’t signed up and participated.
    For the folks who’re wondering if taking part in something like this is worth the time, effort, or expense, the answer is an emphatic yes!
    A not so humble brag – I pulled this off while working a 60+ hour a week job.

    Thank you, Dean! Keep hitting ’em outta the park!
    Dave Strand

    • dwsmith

      Thanks, Dave. But all I did was offer structure. You did all the focus and drive and consistency. Well done!

  • Kate Pavelle

    Oooh! I could definitely go for the Advanced Craft Classes, since I have two Lifetime Subscriptions already. I was motivated by getting myself to be more productive at first, thinking, “I could go for some Pop-Ups…” but now I have a gleam of something I couldn’t easily afford in my eyes. Thank you, Dean!

  • Erica

    Hi Dean,

    Thanks for this opportunity. I’m pretty excited to join in.
    Can I just check- I’m following along the Pulp Speed workshop and I want to “unsloppy” a couple of manuscripts. When I finally get these into finished publishable words, can I count these words?



    • dwsmith

      Nope, rewriting is not writing I’m afraid.

      If you put those drafts aside and just wrote them fresh without looking at the old manuscript, then they would count. That is called redrafting. All rewriting does is make something worse I’m afraid, no matter what the myth says. So doesn’t count.