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Up Too Late…

Way Too Late It Seems…

Except that I am only up to my normal time, but since I have been getting up early, Kris is worried. I hate to make her worry, but honestly I can make it on five hours of sleep a night for five days just fine.

Past that, not so much, but for a major workshop like the anthology going on right now, talking with people late into the night is great fun. And only another day.

And I am learning a ton and feeling very blessed for some good friends as well.

If I haven’t responded to a letter you sent me today, please bare with me, I will be back to normal schedule in a day.

And those who want to sign up for next year’s anthology workshop, just write me.

So guess I had better go get some sleep. Tomorrow.

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  • Dave Raines

    I remember the ones I came to with great fondness. There were bumps in the road, but great people to give one a push over them…