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Two Recommendations…

A Book and a Movie…

First off, on the topic I told you about last night, I have been writing (like well over a hundred novels and hundreds of short stories) in the last ten years with one eye. Sp when my good eye had troubles a month ago, I sort of freaked out, then settled in to trying to figure out how I would keep going. Just who I am.

For a decade in Lincoln City, the town, the environment, and the house we lived in was slowly killing Kris. Turns out in hindsight, she has a deathly allergy to mold. It was not bothering me, but killing her, thus the move to Las Vegas to be near good doctors. During that time on the coast getting sicker and sicker, she managed to keep writing as much as she could.

So she wrote a book to help others who write with chronic illness, of which there are a lot more than you might imagine. The book is called Writing With Chronic Illness by Kristine Kathryn Rusch and is worth picking up for yourself or a friend. Here is the link.

My second recommendation is for a movie we just finished watching tonight.

SPIRITED starring Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell. It’s a musical (basically could be a Broadway play.) Stunningly well done, really funny, great heart, and just super fun. Perfect for the holiday season. Nothing I can say beyond that without ruining the fun for you.  Enjoy!!



  • Kate Pavelle

    Sending (((HUGS))), Dean. Loss of vision would be a massive adjustment, and I am not surprised you started to figure out how you would carry on, doing the things you do. Scott and I live in the car-dependent suburbs, so if one of us lost our vision, we’d want to move to a more urban area, like you had. We’re in the “swapping the eye lenses” stage, so every surgery carries its small amount of risk and it would be silly to avoid the issue and not plan ahead.
    As for seasonal recommendation, may I offer Pieces of April with Katie Holmes? We streamed it on Prime, it’s a lovely, heart-warming movie with just the right mix of serious and funny, and it ends right. I haven;t seen many movies dedicated to Thanksgiving.

  • T Thorn Coyle

    Learning to write and publish during the worst of my chronic illness and my brain injury is one of the best gifts I gave myself. It deepened my understanding of my creative process, helped me assess my actual limits, and kept me motivated.

    Now that things are stabilized, I use what I learned every day to most efficiently structure my year.

    So I get the drive you and Kris both have. I was unsurprised when you mentioned somewhere you almost immediately started researching dictation. For awhile, dictation was the only way I could get writing in at all. It saved me.

    There is so much opportunity around us at all times. If writing matters to us, we find a way.

  • Mihnea Manduteanu

    Thanks both you and Kris, I will definiteyl get this book. As I myself have been struggling with a nasty crhonic illness for more than 10 years (a neuralgia that goes by the cheery name of “suicide disease”, one of the most painful conditions known to man), I would really love to get Kris’ perspective and help.
    Definitely getting this one.