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Two New Workshops and Sale!

A Summer Holiday Sale…

I am putting up the July workshops, as well as a few others, and June workshops start on the 7th, so we figured we would give everyone a chance to get a workshop they want for the summer at half price.

So the half-price sale will go from today, May 29th until Thursday June 9th. The code to get anything on WMG Teachable at half price is:


Two new regular workshops will be starting in July (They will be added to the Lifetime Workshops in a day or so when they are launched.) The two new workshops are

MEDIA KIT WORKSHOP… A six week workshop on how to promote and get ready for promotion of your books to make more sales. I will talk a lot more about that coming up.

HEINLEIN’S RULES WORKSHOP… Yes, a full six-week workshop on Heinlein’s Rules, how to use them, how to stay on them, the long-term results of staying on those rules. 5 simple rules, six weeks worth of more learning about writing and the business attitude of writing than you can imagine.

Those are the two new regular workshops. They will be launched in the next few days.

Over this next week while the sale is happening, I will also launch, finally, the Recommended Class of the Month. All in one, on one focus topic, will be a Pop-Up Class, a Classic Lecture, a regular lecture, and an electronic book on the topic. Very focused and discounted every week.

All things on WMG Publishing Teachable are half price. Just over one week.

Code to get a class or workshop or anything else on WMG Teachable at half price is:


Just hit the one you want, then put in the code and hit apply and the price will be half. I know this is the time of great forgetting, but a workshop or class just might help you get a little more done during this time.

(I will be doing some long posts as my mind returns about the Licensing Expo and add a bunch of stuff on the Business Master Class to finish that all up by the end of June… Also Decade Ahead and the Licensing workshops now can finally be added to. Finally. Licensing Expo was really amazing. Kris will be doing some regular blogs about it as well, so get her take on it too.)






  • Elina

    Hi Dean,

    I went to sign up for the June Depth workshop, and when I entered the SummerHoliday code, it didn’t just halve the price, it said the price went down to 0 dollars (-300). While that would be a great deal, lol, I doubt that’s meant to happen. So I’ll wait with signing up for the workshop until I get a reply back about this.

    Thanks, Elina

    • dwsmith

      Thanks, Elina. I have the coupon now set right at 50%. Thank you. Really appreciated.


      • Elina

        I signed up successfully, and look forward to the start of the workshop!

        I’d like to sign up for Heinlein’s Rules as well. Does the coupon code apply only to one course/workshop/lecture per person, i.e. is anything beyond that full price? I have no problem with the 75 dollar price if that’s the case though, it’s still a great deal.

      • Elina

        Hi again Dean,

        Just to clarify: Is the Heinlein’s Rules workshop you mentioned in the post different from the Heinlein’s Rules online course that is up on teachable? From Will’s comment I thought that the lectures course that’s already there was the one you were talking about now, but maybe I got it wrong?

        • dwsmith

          Heinlein’s Rules will be a six week workshop. The one that is confusing you is a lecture. It will go away when the six-week workshop appears in July.
          And yes, you can get as many workshops or classes that you like. But I do not have the Heinlein’s Rules workshop up yet, still a few days away. The one that is up there now is a lecture, not a workshop. But it is half price in the sale as well.

  • Will

    Hey, heads up Dean, I went in and applied the coupon code for the Heinlein’s Rules course. It gave me a discount of -$75 and dropped my price to $0. Which on a pragmatic level I don’t mind, but on a moral one I’m pretty sure that’s not what you intended. I’ll hold off on clicking ‘purchase’ for now. $37.50 is still a good deal. 🙂

  • Buddy

    Just to clarify, this is June workshops? I going to take the Writing Mysteries which is Classic, so it likely doesn’t matter. BTW, the last Depth assignment was hard! I had to rewrite it completely and it feels like there is still too much plot.

    • dwsmith

      New workshops start in July. I’ll have them posted on teachable starting today and finishing in a day or so.