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Two New Lectures and New Pop-Up

Having Fun Publishing Stories…

Pop-Up #10 is all kinds of tricks for writers who have trouble either sending out short stories to magazines or getting short stories up indie. Fun solutions, actually.

And it is in both the Pop-Up #6-10 bundle and also the Pop-Up #1-10 bundle. All other Pop-Ups are gone except for the free one, #9. You can only now get #1-#8 in the bundles.

And this new one has a short story prompt with it, as normal. (Nope, won’t count for a Great Challenge short story. (grin) Come on, you can do two stories in a week.)

The two lectures are the first quarter of 2019 Tips of the Week and the 2nd Quarter of 2019. If you are enrolled in the Tip of the Week right now, you get them for free. For everyone else, each lecture of 13 tips is $50.

All on Teachable.


It is here in Las Vegas October 25th -29th. And it is going to be amazing. Kris and I are working on finalizing that last instructors. So, so, so much new stuff this year, it boggles my mind.

And Friday and Saturday (this week), for those signed up, I will be sending out the invites to the private email group for everyone attending. So check your spam filters by Saturday evening, folks, and if not there by Sunday, write me.

The list will have the hotel group information to get discounts at the hotel, so those of you attending, don’t do anything yet until you get on the list. We have a block of rooms reserved at a discount for everyone.

And yes, there are still a few spots open. Going to be really something, not only with all the innovations in publishing, but with all the licensing as well.