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Two Days Left In MidWinter Workshop Sale

Everything on WMG Teachable is half price.

When you find something you want, just hit purchase and then put in the code:


to get it at half price. This sale ends Thursday evening at 7 pm.  So just two days left.

Any questions, feel free to write me.

And remember that the MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY is available under the sale. Four videos every Monday on writing, publishing, and other things motivational.

So jump to WMG Teachable and hit see all courses to get a look at all the courses we offer. Then just use the code to get them for half price.


  • Jim

    When I invest in The Great Challenge, do I have to start on the day I offer up my credit card?

    More directly, if I pull the trigger today will my first story be due this Sunday?

    Looking forward to the accountability and the dangling carrot you’re offering after completion.