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Tomorrow Starts…

Ramp Up On Exercise…

Going to hit it hard. I kind of let my steps and other stuff slip after the Licensing Expo. So tomorrow I ramp for the summer. Going to 12,000 steps a day and try to keep that as a streak and no more than 1,200-1,500 calories a day intake on most days. That will drop two pounds a week, a top line on healthy weight loss.

It’s a famous diet I am using. Eat Less and Move Around More.

I’ve lost over 60 pounds doing that so far, and I got a marathon to run this fall. Marathon running weight is exactly 25 pounds under where I am now, so I should be there in about 100 days.

Ramping up the running as well, going to push myself a little more each week as the weight goes down. In 100 days I should be running solidly about three miles without issue.

As for writing, ramping that up as well. I will start the second hundred days in five days. I will be close to finishing the book I am working on now then, so will start fresh on working on a bunch of books in the next 100 days.

Notice the nice timing with the ramping of running, loss of weight, and writing. All three will ramp together and I can remain focused for 100 days, even with a major trip in the middle.

And very slowly I will also start on building upper body strength.

So resetting after the Licensing Expo to focus on the summer. By the fall I want to be 25 pounds down and have long hair again. (grin)

And speaking of the Licensing Expo, on the Learn Along I put up five new videos tonight in the Expo section. Counting the Magic Bakery that is included, that might be the best workshop/lecture/whatever we have ever done, and it is a long, long ways from being done.


  • Isabo Kelly

    The learn along has been mindblowing amazing just up to this point. I’m learning so much and kind of giddy with all the possibilities. Thanks again for doing this.

    And best of luck with the next 100 days! Sounds like a fun focus over that period of time.

    • dwsmith

      Yup, that licensing stuff makes us giddy with all the possibilities as well. Mind-numbing when you start seeing it, that’s for sure. And fantastic fun.

  • Philip

    Good luck with these ramp-ups. I need to do the same in terms of exercise. In the last year, I’ve adhered to my no-carb diet 100% of the time–never cheated–and I essentially cured my Type 2 Diabetes in the sense that my blood sugar is always perfect and I’ve nearly came off all meds. However… I’ve started to gain some weight back due to eating larger portions of the stuff I AM allowed to eat (e.g., steaks and bacon) and not exercising. I went from 300 lbs down to 245 and have crept up to 265. I’m picking up a copy of Kris’s book on writing with chronic illness because I can tell you health has been a huge impact on my writing (mainly a good impact this last year, thank God).

    • dwsmith

      Philip, well done on beating the diabetes! I have also learned that cutting down or out the wheat helped cure my arthritis. Who knew that gluten was such a factor. Wow, amazing more people with swelling in their joints don’t know that. Sounds to me like you need to add in the move-around-more part to keep knocking the weight down.

    • dwsmith

      I’m walking the steps for two reasons. To build up the distance for the marathon and to lose weight. The move around more part. And the marathon is just a goal step on the way to larger things, the most important is to stay thin and feeling good and being able to eat what I want when I want. If I get to running weight my high blood pressure will be under control and other possible health issues will be a long, long ways away. I tend to work on goals.