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Time for a Cat Update

Here is the Gang…

After the loss of our three major cats over the last year or so, with Galley going a week ago, we have a new crew.

Our big three were Walter, Galley, and Ella. Galley was the center for 15 years of a number of crews and the core of this house, so he is really missed.

But now our new crew is doing great. And are wonderful cats, being led by a five month old kitten with the personality the size of this place.

First we have the old guy of the house now at 8 years. Cheeps is a beautiful pure-blood Red Point Berman we saved from some cat hoarders two years ago.

Then we have the beautiful Suzy-Grace, a small Maine Coon. She is a love and brushing is one of her favorite things. Maybe one of the sweetest cats we have had.

Then we have the five month old Gavin, who is a bunch larger than this picture from a month ago. He might very well be the smartest cat we have ever had. He has large paws and giant ears we are really afraid he will grow into.

The house, for the first time in a long time, feels full and calm. And that’s really nice.