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Third Stretch Goal for Pulphouse Fiction Magazine

We Made It!!!…

The third stretch goal which means that everyone supporting the Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Kickstarter will get a book called NO WAY: Totally Twisted Tales: Stories from Pulphouse Fiction Magazine.

You can see the cover on the main page of the Kickstarter page.

This third stretch goal we called the Cartwheel because making it would make us happy enough to want to do a cartwheel. But alas, all of the crew is far too old, so we had Stomper do it for us. Here is the video:

Thanks, everyone for the support. It means a great deal.

And remember, if you get a workshop or workshops through the Kickstarter, you also get a free Classic Workshop with each regular workshop. That is not listed in the reward. Just something we have added here through my web site.

And you can hold the credit for the workshops you  buy and take them any time in the future. No time limit. We deal with all that and which classic workshop you want after the Kickstarter drive is over.


I had some email issues over the last four days or so. I think I have them all fixed, but wow has it been confusing to have emails just suddenly appear that have been stuck out there. So if you sent me something and I didn’t respond, send it again.

And if you didn’t get a response from me on a workshop assignment, let me know. Chances are it got caught in the strangeness. But I sure learned a bunch about emails this last five days. (grin)


You are about to miss it. Some great reading at a great price. Done on Thursday evening.

Novels by Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason, Mike Shepard, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, me, and four others, plus a volume of Fiction River: No Humans Allowed.


Science Fiction Branding Covers Workshop

This workshop still has four openings and will be starting next week.

All the information is on this post.