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Thinking of a New Pop-Up

Character and World Building

While Writing into the Dark…

Seems like a fun idea to talk about for a bunch of videos in the Pop-Up series, including techniques on how to do both character and world building while writing into the dark. Especially complex world and character stuff.

I get a bunch of questions about this regularly, actually. Anyone even interested? It would open up in mid-May somewhere.

In the meantime, Kris and I have a bunch of homework to do between writing to get ready for the licensing expo here in June. Going to be great fun and I hope to learn a ton and maybe make a few deals along the way. No telling.

And I am going to record and put out in May the last of the Futures workshop series called Futures: Patience.  It starts on Wednesday.

And one last note on this quick Friday night blog.

Go to my home page on Facebook and click on the post done by Joe Lansdale. He talks about not rewriting, writing into the dark, doing only one draft, and a ton of stuff I think might help you.

Especially since it is so rare a professional like Joe backs up what Kris and I have been saying for years. Most long-term pros are worried about saying anything because they might lose readers. A post worth reading.