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Thinking About Motivation

And What Motivates Each of Us…

As I put the final touches on the BRAND NEW FEY NOVEL Kickstarter campaign that will launch on Tuesday, I got thinking about motivation because in the story in this new campaign, Kris talks about how it was the first Fey Kickstarter and all the backing that got her motivated to tackle the monster project of getting back into the Fey books and cleaning them all up and writing new ones.

Link to the Fey Kickstarter Promotion page is:

And I tried to do a short story per day challenge as motivation going into this year and it had all sorts of issues over the last spring and summer. The challenge still motivates me, but not in the same way as it did in January.

And Kris and I were working today on the new Collections Classes topics, which will mean that in 2023 we will be offering 18 different collection classes topics. All the first year classes will be available again, all the second year, and six new collection classes for the third year. And suddenly I realized I was going to do 18 different collections in 2023, one for each topic of each class. Another motivation challenge for me, at least a publishing one.

I got all excited about the idea and Kris just looked at me over my orange chicken lunch and shook her head in fondness.

We will announce the new year of collection classes topics this week and do a special on them. And make it so you can still sign up for all the first years and the second years and all of the third year’s classes. Stay tuned for that. Might have a new challenge for everyone to sign up for as well to toss into the mix.

By the way, the topics for the nine-week collection classes starting on September 6th are DYNASTY, PRIVATE EYES, and HOLIDAY COLLECTION. (If you take the Holiday Collection class, your collection will be on sale going into the holidays.) Sign up on Teachable.

But first, we will start the Kickstarter Fey campaign on Tuesday. It will only last for ten days, so this one will be quick.

And we just might add motivation classes to the Stretch Goals in honor of the motivation for Kris to get this Brand New Fey Novel finished. Should be fun.