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The Decade Ahead Class Questions

Got a Number of Them…

So thought I would respond here as well as individually.

First off, all four quarters of The Decade Ahead class (plus the special Pop-Ups in each quarter that are included) will be focused in a balance on personal problems that affect the writing, craft work, and publishing business. Three parts working in unison and I hope balanced over the year.

What I mean by personal work is productivity, getting to the computer, surviving life rolls, family issues, health issues, money, and so on. That is all a major part of building a writing career that will be where you want it to be in 2029.

Craft will be working on various things, including how to plan what to learn in craft next. That seems to be a problem for so many writers and I was no exception. What do I need to do and learn next to become a better storyteller? There will be assignments to help with that.

Business part of all the videos and assignments will be focused on building, growing a business, and business decisions. Lots of things, including a ton of cash stream issues. And tax and corporation issues. And how to expand your cash streams thinking over time.

A couple questions I got was about assignments. Yes, there will be fairly regular assignments, but if you are taking a regular monthly workshop, they will not interfere because the assignments for The Decade Ahead will have longer deadlines than just a week.

Another question I got was about the Licensing Transition class and does it overlap. No, it will not overlap. Taking both will be the best way to do it, honestly. Licensing thinking will be just a part of The Decade Ahead class, but the Licensing Transition Class is going much, much deeper and into detail, especially as we get closer and closer to May and the Licensing Expo.

Another question I got was about when to sign up. The videos from the first months will be there even if you can’t sign up until later on, but far and away the best time to sign up is before the new year starts.

Why? Because lots and lots of details are going to be building right from the start, with assignments and such, and going back in March and trying to get those will be difficult. And you won’t be able to do the early assignments either, which will be critical to learning and planning.

Sort of like building a building. This class will be like building a building from the foundation up, with assignments right from the first days of the year. Starting a year right is the best way to guarantee that the year is a good one. And so much depends on a healthy start.

So much better than walking into a building that is up to the third floor and wondering how the foundation was put together to hold the building up.

So yes, you can sign up later. And you can sign up for each quarter as they come along. No issue there. Each quarter will build on the quarters before it. Just cheaper to get them all at once. And better to start sooner rather than later.

One more question I got from two people was about the Great Challenge of a short story per week or a novel every two months. The question was would those challenges work with The Decade Ahead class? Absolutely and like the Licensing Transition, it would really, really add to the knowledge base you are learning, actually.

So if you are already on the challenge, or thinking of taking it to help you get going for the new year, The Decade Ahead class will add a ton more into that and help you plan long-term goals for all the wonderful stories you are (or will be) writing.

So more questions, feel free to ask in the comments or write me directly.