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    Writing into the Dark Speech

    A Talk I Gave at 20Books Conference… About 500 plus people in the room, and not sure if this is an official video from the conference or not. But it popped up on YouTube, so figured you guys might like it. Cramming that much down into 40 minutes is crazy, but I had fun. The video is cut off at the start and at the end. But most of it is there. I tried to keep it fun. 20Books Vegas Day 2 Writing Into The Dark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnNYQZbrtDU  

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    A Great Take On Writing Into The Dark

    Writer Michael La Ronn Video… Michael La Ronn, a fine writer of a lot of great books who also does a great podcast, is doing a series on YouTube about writing books, and he featured my book Writing into the Dark.  At first I thought this would be a sort of review, and since I don’t tend to read or watch reviews, good or bad, of my own work, I had thanked him and not watched what he had done. Then a friend watched it and said it was so much more than a review and I needed to watch it. So I did. And it is so much more…

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    A Fun Day Once Again

    Some Questions and Some Fun… Took most of the day off to play. And got into some warmth. Amazing how the long winter here is still affecting us. It felt great to go over to the valley with the 90 temps because here it was gray and 61. Normally I like the temperature. Just needed a touch of warmth today. And I got to do some picking. The really fun find this time was about 60 kids and young adult books for the store. $15 for all of them. Some Questions on Writing into the Dark workshop Mostly, the questions were around how much different this workshop will be than…