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    Quick Saturday Post

    Romance Study Along… The Romance Craft Workshop here in Las Vegas is September 20th through 24th and is taught by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, aka Kristine Grayson. It has been full for some time and everyone is reading the reading list Kris gave out. But the Romance Study Along on Teachable still has openings. And those signed up in that also have the same reading list. There is still time to jump into the Study Along and have time to read all the books on the reading list and take part in the Study Along. But not much more time. So check it out on Teachable.

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    Time Travel, Romance, and Licensing

    All Kinds of Fun Stuff… Tomorrow I will put up some more videos and some flyers and stuff on the Learn Along Licensing event. Got some nifty stuff and the event is still six days away. Remember, it will be in three parts. Part one is this preparation phase, then the Expo phase, then the results and discussion phase. That third phase might be getting new videos for months afterwards. Still lots of room to jump into the fun. Once signed up, it will always be available for you to go back and review and ask me questions. But I will shut it off for new signups a short time…