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SuperStars Writing Seminars

I Am Lucky Enough To Be An Instructor Here…

Today was called a craft day and for over three hours I talked about Writing Into the Dark. And then had a wonderful lunch with ten writers talking all sorts of fun things.

And then spent dinner with three old friends that I wish I could see a lot more.

So except for the altitude issues where I find myself suddenly out of breath (yes, I am drinking a lot of water, but I come from sea level and this town is over 6,000 feet up), I’m having a blast.

Great seeing friends, meeting new people, and wonderful writing conversations. I’m looking forward to the next day or so.

And in case you were wondering, I have more than enough time here to do business just like normal. In fact, I actually have more time here than if I was at home. So if you have questions on anything, or want to sign up for a workshop or something, don’t hesitate.



February 15-18, 2018

— Controlling Fear of Failure
— How to Study and Practice in Fiction (A Study Plan)

March 15-18th

— Adding Tension to Your Writing
— Making a Living in 2018/19 With Your Fiction
— Controlling Fear of Failure

April 12-15th

— The Indie Game. (Roll-play your way through ten years of decisions as an Indie Writer.)
— How to Study and Practice in Fiction (A Study Plan)
— Adding Tension to Your Writing
— (tba)

February and March Online Workshops Are Now Up on Teachable.

If you have credits from the Kickstarter, you need to write me to sign up. You can also sign up through me and use Paypal just like normal. Or you can go directly to Teachable and sign up there for any workshop using either Paypal or a credit card.

To see all the courses, just hit the link at the top of the Teachable page that says “All Courses” and it will show you all the lectures and workshops available.

Class #13… Feb 6th … Think Like a Publisher
Class #14… Feb 6th … Endings
Class #15… Feb 6th … Point of View
Class #16… Feb 6th … Writing Mysteries
Class #17… Feb 6th … Speed
Class #18… Feb 6th … Teams in Fiction
Class #19… Feb 7th … Depth in Writing
Class #20… Feb 7th … How to Edit Your Own Work
Class #21… Feb 7th … Character Development
Class #22… Feb 7th … Writing Secondary Plot Lines
Class #23… Feb 7th … Advanced Depth
Class #24… Feb 7th … Novel Structure

Full information about any workshop and schedule is under Online Workshops on the sidebar.


    • dwsmith

      I would imagine so. They were recording and I kept having to apologize to the microphone for swearing. (Grin)

      Just got off a fun but short panel with Mark Coker and a New York editor and a New York agent, with Mark Leslie moderating. Nobody died, but it was a fun way to start the first day of the regular conference. (Grin)

      And Mark Leslie Lafabvre and I did a Facebook live two minute chat while we were waiting for the panel to start.

  • allynh

    I live in Santa Fe, which starts at 7000 feet and goes up. When I visit sea level, I never have to breathe. You guys have so much oxygen. HA!