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Superstars Workshop

Going Back for the Third Time…

I wanted to announce that in the first week of February 2018, I will be once again teaching at the Superstars Writing Conference.

I will also be going in a day ahead to do one of their craft days as well. I’ll talk more about this over the year, of course.

But so far confirmed for next year are Brandon Sanderson, Jonathan Maberry, Jim Butcher, Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, Eric Flint, James A. Owen, Mark Leslie Lefebvre (Kobo), Dave Farland, and Mark Coker (Smashwords).

Should be great fun.


    • dwsmith

      By the time Kevin and Rebecca are done, there will be a few more. Of that I have no doubt. The 2017 workshop just finished.

  • allynh


    A couple of months back you mentioned James A. Owen and his book about Drawing Out The Dragons.

    I found the book and read it. The other two books in the series are only available as e-books so far. When you see him find out if he plans to POD the rest, along with the rest of his Mythworld series.

    In reading his story of publishing I wondered if somehow he has missed CreateSpace. HA!

      • allynh

        You might ask him anyway, because I’m not finding anything that you guys are talking about. I look at Amazon, at his website, and it doesn’t look like he knows about CreateSpace.

        His Mythworld page hasn’t been updated since 2012. It’s still showing the second book as “forthcoming” when it’s actually out. Both are from “WordFire Press”, that’s Kevin J. Anderson.

        He has a Kickstarter for _The Dragon Knight_ yet CreateSpace costs dollars to use. I love hardbacks, but most people have found his Dragon series in paper editions from “Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers”, so you might ask him, what’s up, because I’m still looking and can’t find anything.

        • dwsmith

          allynh, Createspace is only a printer you understand. There are thousands of printers out there. Authors who do heavy graphic books tend to use more specialized printers. So not at all sure why you are focused on CreateSpace?? Also, might try Facebook and places like that. James is very active and has a lot of work coming out.

          • HGS

            Yes–to repeat what Dean said above, James knows exactly what he is doing (and that’s an understatement). I met him at this year’s Superstars, and we talked quite extensively. A fascinating and brilliant guy. And I’m looking forward to finally meeting you at next year’s Superstars, Dean. I coincidentally signed up for the 2018 session about an hour before you posted that you’d be there. This year, I mentioned your blog (and Kris’s) to everyone I spoke to; hopefully your traffic has increased over the past two weeks…

  • Big Ed Magusson

    My wife and I have agreed that if I get my Western Fantasy novel finished and released in 2017, I can go to this in 2018 (that’s a big deal since it’s days away from family and work). So no backing out, Dean. 😉

  • Polly

    I clicked on the link and was thinking “Well, here’s another fabulous workshop I won’t get to ever to go to…” when I saw that it is taking place in Colorado Springs. I’M in Colorado Springs. I can’t believe I had not heard about this! I have been MIA to this site for about 18 months, for many of the reasons you probably touch on in a blog entry I saw the title of from later this week. But okay, whatever. I’m back. What a fortuitous time to get back to reading this blog! Thank you, thank you, Dean!