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Sunday Clean-Up

A Bunch of Stuff…

And wow, was that what I saw over FaceTime today with Allyson at WMG Publishing offices as she and Gwyneth and the movers were there to move WMG offices from the back into where the old bookstore part of Pop Culture North used to be. Room to expand now that was desperately needed.

And with Allyson showing me around the massive building on FaceTime, it finally sunk in how much stuff is still there. (I knew it, just had to see it again. Stunning.)

I am going to be bulk selling a lot of great stuff over this next year. From maybe a hundred thousand comics (not kidding) to thousands of Hot Wheels to an entire run of Playboy Magazine (minus the first issue). Thousands of collectable books, magazines, digests, toys, art, stuffed bears, jewelry, stamps, buttons, posters, and who knows what else.

Some of it will go to Pop Culture South or the bookstore, but just closing that one shop is amazing what was in there and in the back room warehouse. Anyone who came to a Sunday lunch over the last few years there knows what I am talking about.

Going to be fun for me, actually, since I am under no pressure to move any of it immediately, although at some point in the future I wouldn’t mind bringing my marble collection down here to Vegas. Only collection I am going to move.

I also, today, did more work on website stuff, moving yet another step closer to starting this week on the Make 100 set up.

And I did my exercise as I do every day. 10,000 steps. Actually ran almost 2 miles of those steps today at the gym. My weight is still dropping, so running is getting easier with every pound lost. Go figure.

And I recorded a couple Tips of the Week, the one for this week that is now live is titled “No One Cares” and next week the title is “Rejection Time Tracking.” Got to play on my new computer and learn the new version of iMovie.

And I backed up all my writing again. Always a good thing to do. I back up every story, but then regularly I back up all the files. Thousands and thousands of them. Getting everything in place for the challenge.

And I did some reading for the anthology workshop.

And Kris and I went out for a nice dinner. So a great Sunday all around.


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  • Emilia

    ‘And I recorded a couple Tips of the Week, the one for this week that is now live is titled “No One Cares”’

    I think I need that one. I care way too much about what other people think. It’s supposedly a Finnish mentality/cultural trait, but I take it too far.