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Study Along Online Classes…

They Go with the In-Person Classes…

Study Along workshops are held at exactly the same time, with the same reading list. as the in-person classes here in Vegas. The In-Person workshops start in March and we have another every two months until January 2023.

These are hardcore craft workshops.

We are holding the in-person Vegas classes to 15 writers and everyone must be vaccinated, so we are very certain they will take place.

So at the same time as each workshop here in Vegas, there is a study-along class by the same name that is online on Teachable. It will be held from Monday through Thursday with the same story assignments and a ton of videos over the four days. Not exactly the same as the in-person class in Vegas, but still fun.

The Online classes on Teachable are possible to get in the sale. The In-Person classes are full price and you must write me for information on those.

So here are the six Study Along classes you can sign up for now. Or buy a Lifetime Subscription for the Study Alongs, which gets you the six, plus all the ones done in the past and all the ones into the future. A really good deal, actually.

And notice we have made the topics of each class really, really fun.

— Study Along Thriller Humor Workshop… March 2022.

— Study Along Mystery Caper Workshop… May 2022.

— Study Along Romance Spies Workshop… July 2022.

— Study Along Science Fiction Humor Workshop… September 2022.

— Study Along Historical Spies Workshop… November 2022.

— Study Along Fantasy Caper Workshop… January 2023.

All of these are $300 normally, but $150 for the sale if you use the code SETBACK. And yes, it is possible and would be a lot of fun to take all six.

I will talk about the novella classes that follow each of these after I get them loaded up later this week so you can get them on the sale as well.

But to find the Study Along classes, just go to the WMG Publishing Teachable.