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Study Along Classes Added to Teachable

All Six In-Person Workshops Now Have a Study Along Part…

And all are available now. And I have added all six to the Lifetime Study Along as well.

SCHEDULE FOR 2023 In Person and Study Along Classes…

Here are the lists and dates for 2023 and January 2024. Everyone wanted these announced early, so planning trips for next year was possible.

Some of these will fill now that we are getting away from the pandemic issues because we are only taking 15 writers per class. So don’t hesitate too long.

Plus, remember, the price right now is $750 for the in-person classes. That price goes up to $1,000 on September 1st. And you must pay when you sign up.

Fantasy/Caper... January 9-12, 2023. (Only 3 spots left in In-Person.). Kris is teaching.

Time Travel/Romance... March 6-9, 2023. Dean is teaching.

Romantic Suspense... May 15-18, 2023. Kris is teaching. (Week before Licensing Expo)

Fantasy/Thriller... July 17-20, 2023. Kris is teaching.

Romance/Ghosts... September18-21, 2023. Dean is teaching.

Time Travel/Mystery... November 6-9, 2023. Dean is teaching.

Science Fiction/Mystery... January 8-11, 2024. Kris is teaching.

Write me if you have questions or would like to sign up for one of the In-Person classes.

(Remember, my address is toast. Use the other one under contract me above if you don’t have it.)


Study Along Classes are $300 each. To sign up for one or all of the Study Along classes, go to TEACHABLE and find the class you want and just hit purchase. Reading list for each one will be posted about two months ahead and first assignment will be posted two weeks ahead.

Again, any questions, feel free to ask.