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These Have Been Shut Off For New Sign-ups Since May….

But they are back for sign-ups for only one week.

If you ever wished a major professional writer would tell you what you are doing right and where you need work, now is your chance. And not just one, but two of us. Kris and I have been making our living in fiction and publishing now for over thirty years each.

We have also started to mid-sized publishing companies over the years. And both of us have over twenty million copies of our books in print and have been on every major bestseller list.

Kris and I will help you in personal responses to the five tests in each workshop, plus the videos between the different tests will help you understand areas of craft and business and sales. And if you are signed up for this, of course we will answer other questions as well outside the workshop.

The letters back are personal to your assignment and questions. In other words, Kris and I are helping you understand how you stand exactly at this point in time in craft, business, and sales. (I sure wish someone would have done this for me, which is why we are doing this.)

Here are some facts about the Strengths Workshops…

Six workshops… Five tests per workshop. A total of about 22 teaching videos per workshop as well. Each video from 5 minutes to 8 minutes long.

So over thirty tests to see where you stand in craft, business, and sales. Over 130 teaching videos total. And they will always be available for you to go back and review at any point in the future.

You can take the workshops at your own pace. Kris and I try to respond in a few days of an assignment being turned in. Once signed up, you can even wait and take some of the workshops a year from now. Completely at your own pace.

However, we will shut off sign-ups once again on the 3rd of December.  ONE WEEK ONLY.

A Deal… If you take three, you get a fourth one free.

If you sign up for all six, the total cost would be $1,500 and you will also get a regular online workshop of your choice for free as well.

(Write me directly if interested in taking all of them with Strengths Workshop in the subject line.)

When you do these assignments, if you know something, we tell you. If you do not know something or have something wrong, we tell you that as well and give you help on how to find answers in all of these areas.

Many of the videos are pointing you in one direction or another to find more help.

So here are a few of the areas covered and tested in each Strengths Workshop.

Regular Craft… Lots of really important basic areas, from your ability to pull a reader into your story and your ability to create characters a reader will want to stay with.

We also test your ability to use cliffhangers in your own work, your endings, your pacing.

And so, so, so much more.

Craft Two… You must take Regular Craft before you can take Craft Two.

In this one we test your ability of character voice and POV strengths, your ability to use advanced techniques like character, setting, and mood tags.

We look at your ability to use dialog in a number of situations, and your understanding of multiple viewpoint and teams.

And that’s just the major topic areas.

Regular Business… This covers how much you understand copyright, small business, cash flow, and business structures.

It also covers things like time management, and estates.

With basic business, there are many, many factors that can make or break a writer’s career. We make sure you are on the right track.

And most importantly have the right business attitude.

Business Two… This can only be taken after the Regular Business workshop.

It covers such major areas as business plans, corporations, hiring help, and novel contracts with your corporation.

It also deals with taxes, contract help, liability issues, and so much more.

A lot of this workshop is for awareness that things will be coming as your writing career builds. Critical information so you can plan.

Regular Sales… This workshop covers the basics of what sells a book for you.

Of course, there is nothing basic about that simple topic. This covers and tests your blurbs, covers, expectations of sales, goals for sales.

More importantly it helps you find and research all those basic topics and more.

If you wonder why you are not selling much at the moment, these two Sales workshops might answer a ton of those questions and get you on the right track.

Sales Two… This can only be taken after the Regular Sales workshop.

It covers discovery, marketing plans, platforms, and web sites.

Tests you about newsletters, bundling and branding.

Also areas on ads, promotions, and a ton of other stuff as well. Most extensive one of them all right at the end.

These are all hosted at:

You can go there to sign up for one at a time if you like as well until the 3rd of December.

$300 each.. on Teachable.

$900 for four… (write Dean)

$1,500 for the entire series plus an online workshop. (write Dean)

Your chance to have two long-term professional writers help you with your career in a very extensive manner.

And this will not be available for longer than one week I’m afraid. We will close new sign-ups and just leave the workshops available for years to those who signed up.

We limit this because this level of helping other writers on a personal level is tiring for us and we have writing to do.

Write me with questions or ask in the comments section.


Again, you can sign up at at

Or contact me directly to sign up for more than one and get the discounts and free online workshop. Paypal or checks are fine. Write me.