Stay Safe Out There

Two Major Storms…

Are going to be rolling across the country this week, making a mess of travel. And so many people are going to think it will be life or death if they don’t get to where they are headed. And it really will, in many sad instances, become death or injury on bad roads.

Or waiting for days in airports, under stress that will do your body no good at all. Or being stuck without a way home for days and days. Ughh.

Holidays like this one here in the States this week are supposed to be fun things. But with major storms threatening to make a mess of almost everywhere, sometimes the fun just comes with deciding to be safe and not to go.

If you find yourself saying, “But I have to be there because…” (Add in whatever family pressure reason you want) then you might want to really step back and ask, “Is it worth it this year?”

“Am I putting myself, my family, and others in danger by making up some reason to be somewhere?”

If the answer is yes, just don’t go. Stay home, have your own personal holiday, and live to enjoy another one next year.

I had planned a drive up to Oregon on Friday, but the moment I saw the weather I went, “Nope, staying right here and continuing to get caught up.” Not one damn thing about that trip (not seeing friends, not business) was worth me risking my life and other people’s lives on the roads.

So be sane, folks. So many people just get in their cars or head to the airports without doing something as simple as checking the weather. And no matter what you do this week, make it fun.

I just can’t imagine that killing yourself or someone else on a snow-covered freeway would be fun.

Just saying… Think it through before you travel this week.