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Stay Home for the Holidays…

I Know… I Know…

You really want to see family, be with friends. I know.

Just don’t this year.

Just hang on until your turn comes to get the vaccine, and then hang on and stay safe until this clears. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Today over 3,400 people died from this. And that is going to get worse, a lot worse, before it starts to get better.

This death spike right now is the start from the stupidity of Thanksgiving combined with winter. It was expected because so many people traveled and thought it would be all right just that once to be with family. The deaths from Christmas and New Years will start hitting in late January and through February. It will destroy a bunch of the hospitals.

And then the vaccines will start bringing down the numbers in March and April. But I sure hope that no one reading this is so stupid as to think they are immune and risk their entire family this holiday. Please just suck it up and stay home. And don’t let anyone from the outside into your home either.

If you got plans, cancel them now.

We will do another sale toward the end of the month and I will have up all the January and February workshops, plus the new Collection Classes for the sale, so you have writing to do and things to learn to keep busy.

And get the vaccine when you can. I am in the third group here in Nevada because of my age. Kris is in the fourth, the healthy people group. We’re going to get it as soon as they call our numbers.

And I will cook the two of us a nice dinner on Christmas. And that’s it. We miss our friends, we worry about our friends and family. But we would never risk their lives with our selfish desire to be with them over a holiday.

So stay home this holiday, don’t let anyone come over for a short visit, just suck it up and you and your family live to see a better holiday next year.


  • Mihnea Manduteanu

    Thanks, Dean. Stay safe. Also, Collection Classes are definitely a go? I want to know so I can set some money aside from the Christmas fund 🙂

  • Gary

    I agree wholeheartedly, Dean. My daughter, husband, and newborn had plans to come visit Grandpa in Florida, but I had to cut them off at the pass. Sure, we all want to be together, and it stinks to high heaven that we can’t. But we have to think about the long game, and that’s certainly what this covid pandemic is…a long game. You have to play it right, play it smart. Think about your loved ones, and all the reasons you can put off (WILL put off) that holiday reunion. For starters, your love will endure, even if you have to miss gathering around a Christmas tree this year. Be strong, do the right thing. Get excited about all that pent up affection coming together with this vaccine has taken hold and everyone can finally gather round without the fear that someone might get sick.

    I saw something on Facebook that I really liked. Something like “We all wear our masks now so that, next time we all get together, no one is missing.” I like that. Happy Holidays, everyone.