Stay Home and Be Careful

Thanksgiving Weekend…

Here in the States, this coming weekend is a major holiday, and because of it, and because of people not being careful, many more thousands and thousands will die sometime between now and Christmas. But that can be stopped or slowed if everyone just was careful.

Stay home and cook your own meal for the holiday. Make family members that you love who live in other places stay in their own homes as well.

Connect online.

And if you do have to go out, don’t get near anyone without a mask. And wash and sanitize your hands like crazy.

Kris and I live on the top floor in a condo building in Las Vegas. The building has a rule that everyone must wear masks in all hallways and public areas. If someone steps onto an elevator when I am on it without a mask, I say, “Sorry, I’m too old to ride with you without a mask.” And I step off.

I have reported a number of people in grocery stores who wear a mask below their nose. (I call them dumb and people who don’t wear masks are dumber…. get it… Dumb and Dumber…) The grocery stores I shop at immediately jump and force the person I report to wear the mask correctly or leave.

I know everyone is hearing this a lot. I thought I would just repeat it here because I hope to have all of you still here when the vaccines get distributed over 2021. But sadly, I know of a few students who didn’t make it this far, and a number of student family members who haven’t made it. Way, way to many people I know have died from this.

But it is not too late for the rest of us. We can still survive, but we just need to be careful is all. Six feet apart and wear a mask at all times outside your house or car.

For example, tonight Kris and I decided to have pizza for dinner. We have some of the best pizza on the planet about three blocks away, so Kris ordered it online and I walked to get it. I was masked up and didn’t touch anything but the box anywhere along the way. I didn’t even go into the shop, they brought the pizza outside to me, put it on a table, backed away. And the pizza baker was all masked up and I was all masked up. Safe.

So here is a picture of Kris’s pandemic pizza boy. Stay safe and live through the holidays, folks.