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Status of Classes On Hold

Still Cleaning Up Some from the Pandemic…

So thought I would give everyone here a status report on the classes that we pushed back during the pandemic and what we are doing with them in the coming year. Thanks for being understanding, folks.

— Decade Ahead bundle starting over completely. Everything has changed so much, we are just starting fresh in January. (Old videos will still be there, just pulled off to one side if they are not important.) But completely starting over and it is open for new sign-ups at this point. We feel the world is solid enough, at least in publishing, to give the decade ahead a solid look.

— Licensing Transition, same thing as the Decade Ahead. Old stuff will still be there if still relevant, but we are starting over and adding. Licensing went through a pretty major shift.

— Year of the Cat will be finished by May. (Nothing to do with the pandemic, I just got way behind.)

— Business Master Class is the focus at the moment. We had to move it online and we have eight new classes to add to it in the next week or so, with more by the end of the year and then regular classes solidly up until May and the Licensing Expo. At the Expo WMG Publishing will have a suite for four nights of everyone from the master business class attending. The idea is to get together and talk and share information from each day and so on.

None of any of the above classes have homework or assignments with them. Just all learning. And all are still open to sign up, so all can be looked at in your own time. A lot of stuff. But thankfully, we now feel we can see the future again. And the future of publishing.

— Collaboration Class… Since my personal writing challenge is so extreme (I will announce shortly), I will finally be able to write stories with people for this. We will do four weeks of videos about different forms of collaboration, about contracts, about IP rights and so on, then each person taking the class will write a story with me for Pulphouse Magazine. I will open this up for a few more writers once  we start posting the weekly videos part of the class.

So in summary, all the hold classes are coming back at the first of this new year.



    • dwsmith

      Shared World is still active but not a priority because we got all the way through that with the Cave Creek books. There will be more and such, but not right off the bat this coming year. Maybe next summer. Too much from the pandemic to clean up first. Or I might write another Cave Creek novel and we can go from there.

    • dwsmith

      Oh, it’s going to be at everyone’s pace who wants to write a story with me. Many will not after we get through the workshop part. (grin)