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Starting Challenge Tomorrow

I Am Excited…

It has been a while since I have been this excited about a challenge. And focused on it, which I will need to be over an entire year.

Writing/publishing my age. 67 books.

This just may be one of the crazier things I have ever tried. I figured out that to do this I will need to write just about 1.2 million words of new and original fiction. Over Pulp Speed Two, basically, for the entire year.

For those of you with math issues, that is over 3,250 words per day without missing a day, 365 days a year. Well, I will miss, but luckily I will have some larger days as well. (grin)

And I actually don’t have 365 days since the fine folks at WMG have made it very clear that to have a book published by this time next November, it will have to be done and turned in no later than October 15th, 2018. Luckily I have four books in the pipeline already.

And then the real issue is keeping on schedule to get the publishing done on time as well. When you are publishing 67 books in 52 weeks, there is no room to take a month off. (grin)

The four books in the pipeline and the one Smith’s Monthly will get me through this month while I madly write short stories. The story-per-day challenge starts tomorrow as well.

And I will be becoming regular on my newsletter which is called “The 67” for this year. So keep track of the wild challenge here or through the newsletter or both.


Magazine Update…

Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Issue Zero is back from copyediting and I have started working on getting it laid out. Also the contracts are done and will be going out to the authors in Issue Zero next week. So subscribers and backers of the Kickstarter should have that by the end of the month.

I will post the table of contents here after all contracts are done. It’s a fantastic issue.


Workshop Update…

I am now starting to load up the December Online workshops to Teachable.

Anyone with workshop credits through Kickstarter should be getting a letter from me over the next three days.

And the offer for the two workshops now has only six days left.

A couple things we forgot.

First, yes you can get more than one.  Second, to sign up, just write me and I will tell you how to pay through Paypal.

Here are the basic details of the offer….

For exactly one week, until November 16th, you can get two regular workshops and two classic workshops for the price of $500.

That is exactly the same as it was offered in the Kickstarter.

A fun thing this year… If you would like, you can have us print up a nice-looking gift certificate and put it into a nice envelope, with someone’s name on the certificate, and send it to you to give as a gift for another writer for the holiday.

Or you can just buy it and use it for yourself. We honestly don’t care. (If you use it for yourself, we don’t have to print up the certificates unless you really want us to. (grin))

Just as with the Pulphouse Kickstarter workshop credits, these workshop credits can be used at any point into the future starting with the December workshops. For any workshop, even the new ones. No limit.

So here is the offer broken down, the same as it was in the Pulphouse Kickstarter.

Two Regular 6-week workshops. Value of $300 each or $600 total.

Two Classic workshops. Value of $150 each or $300 total.

You get the $900 in workshops for $500.

To sign up, contact me at dean.wmgworkshops@gmail.com.

This offer ends November 16th.



Starting tomorrow I will start detailing out a little more about my day as I write these short stories this month. There are 21 days left, so I hope to have more than 21 stories done. And I will put up the covers a few days after finishing each story.

Just as I did in Stories from July and Stories from April. Now here goes Stories from November. Stay tuned and see how many short stories I can do in 21 days while working full time at other things.

And exercising as well. Going to be interesting, that’s for sure.