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Stage Coach Novel In A New Bundle

All Kinds of Things Going On…

I wanted to remind everyone now that we are two months away from the Business Master Class. Post on that below this one.

And our is going great and has some fantastic deals on workshops as well as Fiction River subscriptions.

And remember, if you sign up for workshop credits on the subscription drive, you also get a free classic workshop for each workshop you sign up for. That is extra and only announced here.

Also, I have one of my favorite Thunder Mountain novels in a new Storybundle put together by Kevin J. Anderson. It has some amazing writers in it, so if you get a chance, check it out. It is called Adventure Sci-Fi and my book in it is sure adventure, of that there is no doubt.

If you haven’t read how a stage couch can mess with timelines and keep two people apart that were born a century apart in the first place, check out my book Dry Creek Crossing: A Thunder Mountain Novel. And then get the other eleven nifty books as well.

And you want to get a sample of Fiction River to know what the subscription drive is all about, there is also a copy in this nifty bundle. Grab this one quick. And I hope you like the stage coach. Yes, science fiction with a stage coach.

Adventure SF Storybundle