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Workshops Are In Second Week!!

I realized that yesterday after doing the post about the workshops closing later in the week, and then tonight I was doing assignments and starting the second weeks.

As I was doing that, I realized that almost no one would jump in after missing the first week and the first assignment. Especially with the Collection Classes.

So I talked to Kris about my idea and she said, “If you don’t mind the extra work.”


If you jump into one of the Regular Workshops, Collection Classes, and Advanced Pacing Class, and send the first assignment with the second one this coming week, I will read the first week’s assignment and give you feedback.

Usually if you miss the deadline, you just do it for yourself but since this is the first of the year and there was a lot of things going on for everyone, I figured a number of people wished they could have gotten in. Well, you still can and you won’t miss getting feedback on the first assignment.

But this offer is only good for a few days.

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