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Something Added to Motivational Mondays

Three Learning and Motivational Videos Every Monday Morning…

And the first ones are about to go up, since it is now early Monday morning. For those signed up, they are in the first quarter, of course, even though this is still December.

But on a whim, I added something more for most every Monday. A pithy, motivational quote in a 4th video.

Sometimes it might have something to do with the three other videos. Sometimes not. This first one not so much. But a good one to focus on for the new year.

So the first Motivational Monday is today. I will finish and post this blog, then go make live the first Monday videos.

I can tell you this… I am going to have fun with this every week. Jump on board.

It is on Teachable. You can get the entire year or just the quarters. Both are great deals.

And on another subject completely…

The fantastic Holiday Collections Storybundle is still going. Over 70 holiday short stories by some of the best short story writers working today. All for one low price. Don’t miss this one. Even if you can’t read all the stories this week, you can save them for next year and for years to come. These stories are that good.