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Some Fun Stuff

A Partial List of My Books…

If you want a sort of graphic list of some of the books I have done over the years, a nice person sent me a link to my page on some web site that attempts to follow my work.

It doesn’t begin to have all the books (not even close) that I have written under the Dean Wesley Smith name there, let alone all the short stories and such (Missing a few hundred is all).

And forget about pen names there. But it is still pretty nifty how they do it, so at a glance you can scroll down and see a bunch of my books and story covers.

I found it fun and pretty amazing someone would even try to do that. Take a look for fun. Will only take a second to scroll down. Get just a glimpse of what 40 years writing can do for a person. (grin) And remember, they are missing a ton of books and stories. They also didn’t mention I edited Pulphouse Magazine and was the Fiction Editor at VB Tech Journal.

And try not to laugh where it says I am the husband of Kathryn Wesley. Great fun there. That is one of Kris and my pen names. I think we did about five books under the name Kathryn Wesley, including the Tenth Kingdom and three other Hallmark Hall of Fame movies we did the books for. We also might have done an Aliens or some such thing under that name. Memory fades.

They also have things like only 11 of the 38 Poker Boy stories and are actually trying to show recent books, but miss most of them. Not sure at all what happened to Smith’s Monthly? Missing 36 issues of that. (grin)

But again, pretty incredible for what is there, considering I have nothing to do with it and they never bother to write me and ask me. This will teach you to start keeping track of your work early. It adds up.


  • Sheila

    Interesting to see all those titles, even if they weren’t all of them! You’ve been a busy guy, Dean. Someday, there’ll be a list like that for me, and I hope it’s as extensive. 😀

  • Sean Monaghan

    I work as a librarian in a busy public library, and the website is one of our main go-to sites for good information. Not comprehensive (as you point out – and great for me to see that so clearly in terms of how I use it), but it’s a good start for helping patrons find other books – especially the “Visitors to this page also looked at these authors” and genre pages. It’s really well interlinked.