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Slight Bump In Challenge

As Expected…

Which is why I talked about how I can do two and three and even once four full short stories in one day. I expect to get behind.

And my focus is to hit 31 stories in January to start with.

My bet is the reason I am behind a story or so is the same reason many of you are behind.

Major election which flipped the Senate… Up most of the night watching that.

Got up today, did some shopping as planned and had riots in Washington by the time I got home Since that is history and stunning beyond words, had to watch that, and then this evening I was up until almost 1 pm my time, 4 pm East Coast, for the house and Senate to finally certify the presidential election.

So yeah, I wanted to watch history and our future being put into place, so I missed a short story and part of a second one.

Worth every minute of it and I will get caught up by the end of next week.

And I am putting together covers. The last five stories I have written are a Pahket Jones cat story, another one, then a Bryant Street mystery/crime story, then a cat romance story. And when Kris read the cat romance story, she liked it and wanted a second one, so I wrote that as well.

Sometimes I even surprise myself when I get writing.

And don’t forget today is the last day on the workshop sale. Don’t miss it.



  • Thomas E

    It’s already been a weird start to 2021 for me in the UK… interesting mix of a new Covid Varient here in the UK that is 70% more transmittable, christmas almost completely cancelled, a lockdown that hasn’t really worked and over a million people in the UK now infected.

    On top of that mess Brexit actually happened finally with the terms of trade for almost every single foreign market I actually sell to changing…

    And this American Politics stuff. All in a couple of weeks.

    I was kind of hoping for a boring 2021 to be honest.

  • Philip

    Massive distraction to be sure.

    Maybe I’m too optimistic, but I see a silver lining from yesterday’s national disgrace: We saw Democrats and Republicans in Congress join together in defending Democracy. We also see this morning many resignations from the current administration. On an anecdotal level, my diverse group of friends and acquaintances, who include many conservatives and many liberals, ALL rejected the violence and anti-American displays from yesterday.

    Very sad that 4 people lost their lives for a worthless cause.

    • dwsmith

      Yes, they will, but first they will be in Volume #12 of Year of the Cat, which I think is scheduled to come out in April. They they will be in Smith’s Monthly later in the year or when I get around to adding them in.