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Short Story Finished

Doing Some Short Fiction Again…

Reason is pretty simple. I only have enough short stories left of the stories I want to put in Smith’s Monthly to last a few more issues.

I have about a hundred or so stories (some sold) in my files, but most of them are from what I call my “Horror Period” when I was getting nominated for Stoker Awards. I have nothing at all against horror, just not who I am as a writer anymore. I have put in Smith’s Monthly a few from that period, but most are just too brutal for even my tastes. Back in the Splatterpunk days was another world.

So today I found an unfinished story I had started called “Taste” that is just head-shaking rude and I finished it. Kind of fun.

August was a month I only got about 25,000 words of fiction after that monster month of July. Just too much business and real world slammed into the month. You know, things like buying a bookstore. (grin)

So figured I would make the first day of September a new start and get some writing in. Felt good and honestly, not sure why I never finished this story other than I might have figured it was too rude for anything at the time. And not enough sex for the sex magazines I was selling to at the time. But it will fit perfectly in the strange nature of Smith’s Monthly.

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  • Harvey

    This is just eerie. I too had a dismal August this year, with life stuff intervening. Only 17,000 fiction words written. And I too chose to make September 1 a new start. Set new goals for the remainder of the year, etc. If I meet the goals (they aren’t that difficult) I’ll write almost as much fiction in the last four months of the year as I wrote in the first 8 months combined.