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Sale! Just Three Bundles!

Last Day of Extended Lifetime Workshop Sale…

But start of a very limited sale of just three bundles…

(Lifetime workshop sale information below.)

But first, over the last three days I have answered three different basic copyright questions. Now understand, I do not mind answering questions. Not at all. But my one question response does not help a writer learn copyright, the most critical element of being a writer.

Last year we did a weekly class of four videos a week for all 52 weeks called BITE-SIZED COPYRIGHT. It is still available and I think one of the most important classes we have every given. 208 videos on copyright for writers.

So with the hopes that a couple writers might decide to learn copyright to make more money with their writing, we are going to put that class on sale for 50% off. All videos are there, you can go through them at your own pace.

Just use the code in the BITE-SIZED COPYRIGHT BUNDLE


Also on sale with the same code is



(Advanced classes will repeat in 2025.)

That’s it, just those three bundles are the only things on sale.

Questions, write me.

All Lifetime Subscriptions Half Off…

One More Day!!!  This was extended once, no more. Only lifetime subscriptions. Not any of the bundles or anything else. Just the five lifetime subscriptions.

Use the code:  LIFETIMESALE

At half price, they are very good deals, especially the Lifetime Everything. And if you have another lifetime subscription, I can take a little more off that Everything price. Write me for details. Last Day!


  • T Thorn Coyle

    The Copyright class was super helpful and useful in focusing some of my business decisions. I’m glad to have it as a continued reference.
    And I enjoyed the Decade Ahead.

  • Kate Pavelle

    I’m going through Bite Sized Copyright now, and it’s good stuff. Also, it’s entertaining because Dean gets fired up about certain issues, like a good stoyteller should. Absorbing the content makes me view my books and stories in a very different light and I am only 2 months into it.

    Take it. The money and time spent to you will come back to you several-fold. Plus, all the illustrative stories are great fun!

  • K.C. Riggs

    I took advantage of the last half price sale on Bite Sized Copyright and am well into 2nd quarter (with over 20 pgs of notes).
    It is so worth it. When Dean says that most writers don’t even know what they don’t know about copyright, he’s correct.
    He’s also correct about writers needing to know it.