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Return of the Fey Kickstarter only 60-Plus Hours Left

Don’t Let This One Slip Past…

Folks, after almost twenty years, Kris is returning to The Fey and she needed your help. Watch her in the video and she explains it perfectly. She needed a deadline and you have given it to her now with The Return of the Fey Kickstarter Campaign.

But now, with all the stretch rewards this campaign has hit, this is more than worth everyone backing, readers or writes, to try to hit even the next stretch reward.

But only a few days left, counting down now by hours!!

In the campaign there are some really cool things. Kris has already started a blog series that will go to her Patreon backers that will talk about all the ups and downs of The Fey and what happened and why it has been twenty years and so on. You can get all of those together in one book in the campaign. Then she is doing videos talking about each chapter in more detail. Then in a big class, Kris and I will work out five more videos on the topic of each post and that will be on Teachable, but you can get it now, ahead of time, on the campaign. The publishing and writing lessons are amazing from what happened.

We also have a special three-week workshop only available on this campaign that focuses on writing epic fantasy. You can only get it in this campaign, remember. In just over sixty hours, that opportunity vanishes.

You can also get all seven books of The Fey in the campaign in either electronic form or paper.

Every reward level will get the Fey Novella that Kris will write.

Plus at the moment there are a ton of books now going to all backers because of the stretch rewards and over $900 in classes for writers. Just because we got to certain levels. Wow.

So here is the link to get to the campaign. Take a look and watch Kris’s video. And please help us pass the word.

No writer or reader wants to miss this one.