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Resurrected Classic Workshops


Since numbers of writers have asked about how to get feedback on assignments in workshops that are now Classic Workshops and there just wasn’t a way (Until now.) Kris and I and Allyson got talking about figuring out a way to bring back one or two Classic Workshops per month, for one month only, and I would treat that workshop like a regular workshop that month.

In other words, I would respond to the homework of that workshop. The class itself will still be in the Classic Workshops, and I will not respond to that, but we will put up the class with the Orange Regular Workshop covers. That is the one to sign up for if you want me to go over your assignments each week.

The Resurrected Classic Workshops will only be available in this resurrected form for just the one month, and the cost will be exactly the same as a regular workshop.

And yes, if you have a Lifetime Workshop Subscription, you can write me just as you would with any regular workshop and I will send you a code to get in. (A real bonus for Lifetime Workshop Subscribers. Please wait until I get them posted on Teachable.)

We will try to get through most of the Classic Workshops over a few year period. If we think the workshop is worth resurrecting for a month, we will do it. So if you miss a workshop you really want feedback on, I’m afraid  it won’t be returning to the resurrected ranks for a couple of years. That’s how many classic workshops we have.

I will be posting the February Regular Workshops tomorrow along with the two Resurrected Classics.

The two Resurrected Classics will be for February:

Covers101 and Power Words.  

If you want help designing your own covers, Covers101 will take the fear away and help you do them.

If you are taking Advanced Pacing and not had Power Words, now is the time to take it.

More information on this tomorrow. But remember, these two will only be available for February for me to help with assignments and after that will only be found in the Classic Workshops.


  • Kristi N.

    Dean, does the branding/genre part of Covers 101 include what to do if my books are in a certain sub niche and I totally am not in love with current trends? Or how to start a trend in a sub niche? I’ve been wrestling with how to direct the cover designer–whether I should bite the bullet and go full-on genre, or follow my gut sense and go for genre trope and what I like. Thanks!

    • dwsmith

      Cover designer? Wow, that’s a lot of wasted money. Just do them yourself, then you can play with images, designs, genre focus and so on because it would be at your finger tips. Covers101 teaches you how to do it yourself.

      The question you ask has one answer… Readers. You do covers in certain ways to tell readers what they are buying.

      • Kristi N.

        That’s exactly what I need to understand. Thanks so much for bringing this workshop back–I’m definitely not missing it this time around.

  • Cheryl

    I’m blocking out my Learning time for this quarter (yeah, a little late 😉 and this is GREAT news. Thanks to you, Dean, and Kris and Allyson.

    • Tonya Price

      This s great news! I’ve wanted to take the Classic Power Words workshop for a while. The fact Ill get feedback is even better. I’ve learned so much from every workshop I’ve taken since I signed up for the Lifetime Workshop Subscription. Thank you so much for offering this and making it available to Lifetime Subscription members.

  • Randy Canegaly

    This is great. I’m in Advanced Pacing and made a note to self to go take Power Words. So now I get to plus comments. Thank you Dean and all.

  • Jason M

    Dean, I purchased the Covers101 class years ago when you originally offered it. Am I able to view the videos again?
    Not to get feedback from you, but just to review. I’m starting up with covers again next month.

    • dwsmith

      The workshop should be on your Teachable dashboard just fine. Make sure you are using the same email check-in you did when you took the class.